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Often referred to as the Godson of Andy Warhol, Colbert has created a global following for his cartoon Lobster Persona.
With yearly sales in the multi millions, Colbert’s hyper pop paintings and sculptures have become something of a global art phenomenon. His work is in leading museum and private collections  worldwide.

“I love the democratic spirit of digital community art projects, it’s creating a whole new possibility for art, I love the concept of developing this art machine system which can push creative uniqueness and boldness for everyone at an accessible price, turning the traditional model upside down and allowing a much wider audience to engage with my work.

I have always believed that artists create worlds, and being an artist today I have more creative possibilities to push this idea further than has ever been possible. I see the Lobstars Project as a real opportunity to build my art world community, and begin a journey never seen before, buckle up fellow lobsterities we are heading to the Lobster Planet.

Creator of the Lobstars

Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert

Colbert a pioneer of the Metaverse launched his city Lobsteropolis June 2021 in Decentraland with a physical event at the Serpentine Gallery in London.


Lobsteropolis is the largest UK survey to date of Colbert’s universe, which has been designed to work both digitally and in situ by utilising robots that allow viewers to interactively engage with the exhibition.


Under lockdown, Colbert’s shrunken horizons and own social media echo chamber prompted him to conceptualise Lobsteropolis as his response to the pandemic. Taking a walk to a gallery, seeing art in situ is an important part of society and a culture in which people are free to do things for themselves. In his brash, splashy world of contemporary culture, Colbert explains the reasoning for his cartoon- like vision.



Philip Colbert, a pioneer of the metaverse, launched his city Lobsteropolis in June 2021 with a physical event at the Serpentine Gallery in London.

Lobsteropolis is still the largest art world in Decentraland. After the creation of Lobsteropolis, it became clear that to take the project to the next level it was time to build the community, hence was born The Lobstars, the citizens of Lobsteropolis.

Colbert has been building his virtual world Lobster Planet over the last three years, featuring it in museum shows worldwide through his virtual reality platforms and video games, so the project marks a logical development for Colbert’s art world.

“Forget Cubism, this is artistic expression and experience on another level,” says Colbert. “With the rise of the NFT, the digital art movement is now a tidal wave, and so many new ideas are possible. Never before has a generation been able to so radically shift artistic possibilities, it’s the perfect storm. For me Decentraland was the best second life platform to house Lobsteropolis." - Philip Colbert

to lobsteropolis dcl

free your lobster

The Lobsteropolis Foundation is committed to becoming the world’s leading organisation for Lobster research and intelligence. The foundation will be pioneering the development of our inter species dialogue. We aim to elevate the public perception of Lobster intelligence.


We are partnering with the St Abbs Marine Station and have started work on a series of research papers and behavioural studies. Focusing on further defining Lobster Language and behavioural patterns.


We are also partnering with the National Lobster Hatchery and the Whitby Lobster Hatchery.

For every NFT minted we will release a juvenile lobster in the wild in an effort to conserve the lobster population.

“Human beings have been obsessed with aliens, for me lobsters are an opportunity to speak to these aliens. I find the idea of an interspecies dialogue can inspire creativity.” - Philip Colbert

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The Lobstars Minting Process | 11th APRIL - SOLD OUT

The borders to Lobsteropolis have opened, providing access to 7,777 Lobstars to join the Lobster world. the first and main utility of the lobstars is the incredible art created by philip colbert.

Citizen of Lobsteropolis | Lobstars ID card

Lobsteropolis is continuously evolving on Decentraland with plans to extend in the near future. Each Lobstar holDer will receive a unique identification card that represents their citizenship in lobsteropolis

Lobsteropolis Foundation

Lobsteropolis foundation aims to become the world leader in elevating lobster science and discovery. Each of the 7,777 Lobstars minted will be supporting a lobster being released back into the wild to further support the development of lobster science and conservation of the lobster species world wide.

Art, Merch and accessory giveaways

there will be a long list of giveaways during your time in the lobstar community. Philip colbert prints, toys, collaborations, merch and much more.


for special events such as collaborations or historical events, we have created a lobstar special editions collection that will be airdroped randomly to members of the community, and sometimes through contests. each edition will have different supply. We are also planning some exciting airdrops that will be an important part of the Lobstar storyline.

LObstar planet federation

An exclusive club dedicated to our true supporters. By holding your Lobstar NFT and not listing it you will receive daily credits to be used in the very special LPF Store. Physical and digital items will be available to redeem.


Exclusive Lobstar areas and wearables in Decentraland

Lobstar VIP token gated area in lobsteropolis, decentraland, only accessible to the lobstar community. Airdrops of various decentraland wearables, as well as opening the Lobster boutique shop in decentraland.

Lobster Robotics

We are working with UCL Robotics Lab to develop robotic experiences for our community. Creating uber-lobster robots as well as telepresence robots to blur the lines between the digital and real world.


We actively work in collaborations with other artists and/or projects relevant with the space, always fun, family friendly and with high quality. Colbert has already collaborated with luxury brands such as Bentley Motors, Rolex, Montblanc, Christian Louboutin, COMME des GARÇONS, and Adidas

IRL events TBd soon

We will organize IRL events to connect our community in the physical world. Studio visits, exhibition events, etc.


Lobster Planet development

The development of the lobster planet aims to see the release of the Lobster coin, the official currency of Lobsteropolis. The lobster coin can be used in Lobsteropolis. Elections will be held in Lobsteropolis within the community to create a DAO ecosystem. Lobstar holders will be able to claim land on Lobster Planet.

Lobstars Animation Series / Documentary

We hope to develop 2 animation projects, a documentary as well as a tv show.

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every minted lobstar will receive a corresponding id card to the
dcl lobsteropolis.

meet the team

philip colbert

the artist

creator of the lobstars

the mayor

mayor of the




the robot lob

head of arts & culture

the cheese man

head of city planning

the cactus boy

head of the lobstars

the marty meat

head of engineering

the Sheriff Hotdog

Home Security

the shark man

head of the lobstars
archive museum


What is the Supply / Mint Price?

Supply is 7,777. Mint price 0.077 ETH.

When is Launch Date?


What is the utility?

Holders will become citizens of Lobsteropolis, the ever-expanding art world of Philip Colbert. Access to exclusive IRL events, research on Lobsters and Robotics, giveaways, Merch, documentary production, animated tv-show production, and much more. View the roadmap above for all utilities.

How do I buy a Lobstar NFT?

1. Sign up for Metamask or Coinbase Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.

2. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the total cost including gas fees.

3. On mint day, there will be a Connect button at the top of our website to connect to your wallet.

4. Click on the mint button and you will be prompted to sign for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.

5. Once you have made your purchase, your Lobstar NFTs will appear in your wallet and on Opensea!

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2021   Lobsteropolis in Taipei, Whitestone Gallery, Taipei

2021   Lobsteropolis in Sejong City, Mark One Art Museum, Sejong City, South Korea

2021   Lobster Land in Chongqing, Chongqing Times Art Museum, Chongqing, China

2021   Lobsteropolis in Seoul, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

2021   The Death of Marat & The Birth of the Lobster, Wardlaw Museum, St. Andrews, UK

2020   Lobster Land in Shanghai, Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2020   Lobsteropolis, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2020   Lobster Land in Taipei, Whitestone Gallery, Taipei

2020   Lobster Land in Gstaad, Patrica Low Contemporary, Gstaad, Switzerland

2020   Lobster Land in Sofia, Gallery Structura, Sofia, Bulgaria

2019   Lobster Land in Moscow, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

2019   Made in Illusion, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

2019   Lobster Land in Seoul, Gallery Simon, Seoul, South Korea

2019   Lobster Land in Hong Kong, Whitestone Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2019   Hunt Paintings, Saatchi Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2019   Hunt Paintings, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2018   New Paintings 2018, Gallery Nichido, Tokyo, Japan

2018   Looking for U, Unit London, London, UK

2018   WaveLength, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, China

2017   New Paintings, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2016   Fried Egg World, Art16, London, UK

2016   Guess Who, Space Gallery, St.Barths.

2016   Guess Who?, Gazelli Art House, London, UK

2015   The World Goes Pop, Tate Modern, London, UK

2015   Art Miami, Miami Basel, USA

2015   POP Punk, The Design Exchange, Canada

2015   Inspired, Van Gogh Museum, Holland

2015   Het Noordbrabants Museum, Holland

2014   Sequin Pop, Gazelli Art House, London, UK